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tgn.tv — Genides faction in Black Prophecy! Let’s take a look at the Genides area, and run a new mission! Chris and TGN.TV takes us through this new amazing free-to-play MMO space RPG! Video by Chris and TGN.TV Tell us what you think in the comments below. If you like this video, click “Like” and Subscribe to our channel to get more! =-=-=-= ▶ TGN.TV — Get more views! See http ▶ TGN Times — Get more news! See news.tgn.tv ▶ TGN Stratics — Discover Stratics! See http ▶ Follow us on Twitter! See twitter.tgn.tv ▶ Join us on Facebook! See http

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  1. jemihendri says:

    Currently downloading the client, I hope they dont use Ip’s block for the region outside NA & Eu

  2. Shade373 says:

    @nevonja Actually to be honest i dont think so…
    There is a skill that gives your engines a short boost tho…

  3. haydenjc3 says:

    @nevonja Yeah there is, very useful actually.

  4. nevonja says:

    isn’t there like a hyper mode in engines like in freelancer?
    like all of the energy goes into engines and then you cant shoot?

  5. EliteGod000 says:

    7:28 Listen to Globus music if your precious combat music isnt around

  6. DanielJackson91 says:

    Da you just havetocomplete some kind of story and after that there is nothing left to do orwhat else can you do ?
    Howbig is the Game Universe ?

  7. Flightily says:

    Do you have a lot of variety to modify your ship or have room for character customization – so that not everything is based on twitch gameplay but also some on strategy and RPG elements? Thanks for the awesome video by the way!

  8. kingdomheartsss says:

    Yo guy use “T” it locks on and lets u see about how far a lead u need in ur aiming to blow them to hell

  9. JurreTong says:

    What’s the max lvl? And is the rerst of the missions just more of the same? (Combat)

  10. JaiHindArbhav says:

    its a shitty game

  11. statictwo says:

    @Rhino10e all the usual audio options, can control volumes of music and dialog independently.

  12. Rhino10e says:

    I think the combat music and NPCs screaming in your ears is awful. Do they let you turn it off, if you want?

  13. VonEclipseProduction says:

    39th 😀

  14. PolakInsignia says:

    Chris, I really like your style of commentary, keep it up!

  15. XxFuRyBeAsTxX says:


  16. NerdRagePC says:

    first viewer? yep

  17. XxFuRyBeAsTxX says:


  18. BattleMasterAnthony says:


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