† Why this atheist became a Christian † (LIVE DEBATE) †

Uploaded by shockofgod on 23 Jan 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOXAcr5RyCc †† May God bless you Richly and watch over you Maranatha! †† http://shockchat.gvoconference.com/free_…

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  1. TheDarkLordLucifer says:

    I am the master of your fear. I am your worst nightmare. I am god’s
    greatest foe. I am the one and only prince of Hell. Futile prayers lead the
    way to suffering. In the darkest nights where you can not hide. In the
    deepest woods I watch over you. You’ll embrace me while your god is
    defeated. I shall show you to the euphoria of the pit. Your pleasures will
    come to reality. I am the master of your world. Shiver from the presence of
    his dark power. You are now under our command.

  2. Christheatheist1 says:

    No Soggy. You’re just a twunt

  3. billy bum says:

    “unbiastly” looked at the truth of unreal words.

  4. Yesica1993 says:

    Which of William Lane Craig’s comments did you disagree with?

  5. Sherie Thomas says:

    Atheism is not an organisation. It is just individuals that do not believe
    in the whole fairytale.

  6. Roman Groblicki says:

    He became a Christian because of brain damage

  7. TheDarkLordLucifer says:

    Symbols of dark chaos are blazing again. Showing us all a new way to
    follow. The army of demons empowered by revenge. The marks of lies engraved
    on the church. Created by the god of false love. Demons tear through holy
    hypocrisy. The empty cowards are now dead. Swiftly defeated by the swords
    of hell. For those who foolishly adored worthless holiness. Now are
    enslaved by sadness, melancholy and malice. We are true to Satanic wisdom.
    As our black witchery will spread eternally.

  8. Toudiyama says:

    “I used to be an atheist” on no he was not. also no one in his right mind
    is going to listen to the full 2 hours and 8 min, which will likely be SoG
    talking for an hour and 3 quarters and the remaining 20 minutes are for his
    opponent no thanks

  9. ortand1997 says:

    Godbless you too. stay strong always. i loves u bro

  10. PyramidHead138 says:

    sorry SATAN, your powers are limited. youll never defeated a being with
    UNlimited power! take THAT to the lake of fire with you!

  11. Yesica1993 says:

    “”I used to be an atheist” on no he was not.” How arrogant to claim you
    know someone better than the person knows themselves. The truth is that
    even if this debate was 10 minutes long, you wouldn’t watch/listen to it
    and seriously and with an open mind consider what the Christian was saying.

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